The Christian Service Center can only help our clients because we have a generous community of givers who support our efforts and provide the supplies and financial assistance needed for operation. Last year our Christian Service Center provided assistance for close to 10,000 people in Columbia County. We operate solely on donations from our community, so community support is vital to this ministry. Individuals, churches and businesses donate food, gently worn clothing, household goods, furniture, financial assistance and more directly to the Christian Service Center for distribution. Without this support, we would not be able to help the citizens of Columbia County in their time of need.

Ways you can donate and Help the Christian Service Center help our clients:


Constantly lifting the Christian Service Center and our volunteers and clients up in prayer is the soul of our mission. We do what we do for the Lord and are His servants in this ministry. Each and every word of your prayers help us in our ministry and our clients in their time of need.



Any food items that are still in date are accepted for our food pantry throughout the year. Left over meals from churches and special events are accepted as well.


Gently worn, clean clothing that does not have stains or tears are welcome for our clothing room. Shoes and accessories are also needed.

Household Goods and Furniture

Any household item that can still be used by someone else is accepted. Kitchen items, dishes, small appliances, pots and pans, bathroom items, linens, and towels are some of the items we give out daily. Any furniture that can be used by someone is also accepted. We consistently have a waiting list for beds, couches, and tables.


The Christian Service Center relies on financial contributions from individuals, churches, and businesses to fund the operations of the center. Without this support we cannot purchase food, cover operating costs and give financial assistance. Monetary contributions can be made at any time through the center, mail or on our website (via Paypal account).


The Christian Service Center is made up of two full time staff members and 90 plus volunteers. We rely on volunteers to help us support the daily operations of the center. We utilize our volunteers to fill positions in the kitchen, clothing, front counter, interviewing, sorting room, special events, and other projects. Many of our volunteers work a morning shift, afternoon shift or full day shift each week. We are flexible to work with you as a volunteer to find what fits best for both. To volunteer with us, you would need to pick up a volunteer application at the center, fill it out and bring it back, then go through our interview process. We will agree on the schedule for you and we are set to go.


Each year we hold several events for the community. Your support to help fund these events or just attend the events goes a long way. We hold several warehouse sales each year. We have an annual drive from October to December to raise funding for the Center. We have an annual School Shoes drive in July, a Christmas Toy Drive in November, and our annual Christmas Basket Giveaway in December. There are many other special events throughout the year sponsored by the Center or a partner that you can support.