For over 30 years, the Christian Service Center has faithfully served Columbia County residents in need with care and compassion. Our original building was located at the corner of Columbia Avenue and Veterans Street.

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Original CSC Building

The Christian Service Center was founded in 1982 and incorporated on July 11, 1982 as an outreach ministry of the Body of Christ to minister to the emergency needs of families in Columbia County. Seven churches came together to give their financial support and to provide a central location for these families to come to. It was designed to be a place where all churches could send those seeking help so there was no duplication of services.

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CSC moved into our present building at the corner of Washington and Hilton in 2001.

Today, the center is staffed by approximately 80 – 90 dedicated and loving volunteers from over 35 area churches. Clients are interviewed to determine their specific emergency needs and the best solution. The center’s role is to do what Jesus did. We determine the need and meet their physical as well as spiritual needs. Each client is offered prayer and a Bible if they choose. We offer to share the plan of salvation if the client is interested and rely on the Holy Spirit to meet all the needs.

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The warehouse addition was built in 2010 for storage and to house the Lighthouse Gift Shop.

We provide help with food, clothing, household goods, medications, transient transportation and partial help with utilities. We also have a resale gift shop open two days a week with all proceeds used to purchase food.. Each year we hold special events to give Christmas toys and Christmas baskets, back to school shoes and hold garage sales.

The center works inter-denominationally with local churches as well as other service agencies to accomplish our mission.    
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The current CSC complex and grounds houses three buildings, a walk in cooler/freezer and a memorial garden and walkway.


Serving those in need in Columbia County through our Christian faith and resources.